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MCC20 Wins Bidding for Baosteel’s Intelligent Construction Project
CopyFrom: Date:23 August 2018
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  On August 20th, MCC20 Group won the bidding for Baosteel’s newly Built Finished Product Centralized Certificate Verification and Discharging Center Construction Project. The main construction contents include building centralized certificate verification and discharging centers separately at Gate 7 and Gate 4; moving two 32-ton gantry cranes in the second-line stock yard of the Transport Department to the H-span open stock yard of the finished railway products warehouse; extending Longitude Road 16 to the north, crossing Latitude Road 11, the Factory Moat and the railway line at the Factory Station to connect with Latitude Road 1, and building a bridge over the Factory Moat and 1 railway level-crossing; and the addition and transformation of associated intelligent outbound logistics system equipment, as well as the transformation of other supporting public and auxiliary facilities.

  Another intelligent project won by MCC20 following other recent warehousing projects, this project further reinforces the leading advantages of MCC20 in intelligent projects within Baosteel’s yard.


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