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MCC20 Wins Bidding for Shagang Group’s Large-Scale Environmental Protection Project
CopyFrom: Date:23 August 2018
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  On August 20th, MCC20 Group successfully won the bidding for Shagang Group Co., Ltd.’s No. 2 C-Type Stock Ground Construction and Installation Project. This is a large-scale environmental protection project constructed by the Shagang Group in response to the national call to “put forth efforts to build green ecological corridors along the Yangtze River”. The Shagang Group plans to invest RMB 7 billion in environmental protection renovation work within the factory over the next few years.

  The No. 2 C-type stock ground is a grid structure with a designed span of 81 m, length of 260 m and overall floorage of about 22,000 m2. The project includes the civil construction of transfer stations No. 1-9 and corridors TL-1-TL-18, and the reconstruction of certain original transfer stations and factory roads. The total construction period is 256 days.

  MCC20 has maintained a close cooperation relationship with the Shagang Group for many years. Successfully winning the bidding for this environmental protection project means that MCC20 will carry out deeper cooperation with Shagang Group while also creating a certain advantage in competition on similar environmental protection projects in the future. MCC20 will take this project as an opportunity to strengthen its management in all aspects, create a high-quality project, promote MCC20’s brand image, serve the Shagang Group with heart and make a positive contribution to Shagang’s transformation into a green and environmentally friendly steel plant.


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