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MCC17 Wins Bidding for Maanshan City Archives Resource Management Center Testing Project
CopyFrom: Date:16 August 2018
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  On August 13th, MCC17 Group’s Engineering Technology Company successfully won the bidding for the Maanshan City Archives Resource Management Center Testing Project.

  A key project of the Maanshan Municipal Key Project Construction Management Bureau, Maanshan City Archives Resource Management Center is located southwest of the intersection of Hudong Road and Zhongshan Road in Maanshan city. It has a total building area of about 30,200 m2 and six storeys housing the Municipal Archives, Municipal Urban Construction Archives, Service Hall and Public Lobby. The preliminary construction work was launched in July. Its contents include foundation basis (pile foundation) testing, evidential sampling, major structure, doors and windows, curtain walls, indoor environmental quality and so on.

  The Engineering Technology Company constantly focuses on survey and design, boosts its standards of measurement, inspection and testing, welding, EPC general contracting, etc., thereby building a relatively complete industrial chain and earning strong market competitiveness and a sound reputation. For this testing project, it will make overall arrangements for the personnel and equipment allocation, testing scheme, safety and technology disclosure, schedule plan, etc., continue to carry forward the MCC spirit of “Never Delaying and Never Slacking”, actively implement the “24-Hour Working Method”, go all out to complete safety and quality inspections, and ensure the smooth completion of all testing work.


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