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MCC20 Holds 2018 New Employees’ Basketball Friendly Game
CopyFrom: Date:17 August 2018
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  On the evening of August 15th, MCC20 Group invited the Shanghai Baoye New Employees Basketball Team to take part in the 2018 New Employees’ Basketball Friendly Game. This event is held to enrich the activities and contents of induction training for new employees in 2018, help them give full play to their cooperative teamwork spirit and strengthen their cohesion. MCC Shanghai Party Working Committee Secretary Liu Jianping distributed heatstroke prevention articles among the players of both sides and started the game.

  After the referee blew the whistle, Secretary Liu Jianping threw the basketball high into the air and the players began to compete fiercely. Their scores rose alternately. They competed intensely, clenched their teeth and made efforts to secure every opportunity for points. Despite being new, the players encouraged each other, defended unswervingly and attacked persistently. Finally, MCC20’s New Employees Basketball Team attained a final score of 50:44 and won the game within three minutes.

  This friendly game enriched the training experience of the new employees, fully reflected the spiritual outlook of passion, unity and indomitability held by MCC20's new employees, comprehensively illustrated the MCC spirit of "Never Delaying and Never Slacking" during the game, and demonstrated the youthful vitality of new employees via the unique charm of basketball.


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