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MCCE Wins Bidding for Harbin International Agricultural Expo Center Air Train Project
CopyFrom: Date:20 August 2018
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  On August 16th, MCCE won the bidding for the Harbin International Agricultural Expo Center Air Train Project.

  Installed between two main high-rise buildings, the supporting infrastructure construction air train project won by MCCE consists of a new suspended monorail recreation facility integrating transportation and tourism. Harbin International Agricultural Expo Center has a total building area of about 1,880,000 m2 and comprises exhibition space, hotels, offices, commerce, residences, apartments and other business types. It is a typical ultra-large urban building complex.

  The smooth undertaking of this project will help MCCE to expand its old product series of rollercoaster-type scooters and sky wheel series tourist cable cars to a new air train series of aerial recreation vehicles, marking the realization of a major breakthrough in large amusement equipment products.


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