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MCC20 Wins Bidding for Wenzhou Lucheng District New Tengqiao Community EPC Project
CopyFrom: Date:17 August 2018
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  On August 15th, MCC20 Group successfully won the bidding for the Wenzhou Lucheng District New Tengqiao Community Light Industrial Park EPC Project. This is an important achievement for MCC20 in planning its regional development, profoundly exploring the Zhejiang market and building a “large and beautiful" resettlement housing project in Lucheng District of Wenzhou.

  By virtue of the efforts of Lucheng District, this is the first EPC bidding engineering to adopt the design and construction general contracting mode among its new fully equipped modern communities. It is located in Phase I plots B-1, B-3, B-4 and B-6 in Zhengjiang Wenzhou Lucheng Light Industrial Park, with Zongqi Road in the east, Shupujiang River in the south, Zongba Road in the west and Central Avenue in the north. It covers a total used land area of 128,864 m2 and a gross building area of nearly 300,000 m2, with 220,000 m2 overground and 80,000 m2 underground. Upon completion, it will become a benchmark high-quality large-scale residential community in Lucheng District.


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