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Shanghai Baoye Wins Bidding for Hubei Shiyan Urban Heat Supply Pipe Network Project
CopyFrom: Date:21 August 2018
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  On August 19th, Shanghai Baoye Group won the bidding for the Urban Heat Supply Pipe Network Project in Shiyan City of Hubei Province.

  With a total construction period of 120 days, this project mainly includes the construction contents of the No. 2 heat supply network pipeline and Nos. 1 and 3 external factory heat supply network pipelines. Shanghai Baoye is responsible for connecting the steam pipeline in the industrial park with the No. 2 steam pipeline at the Dongfeng Motor Corporation Thermal Power Plant, as well as the construction of steam pipelines for production in the special plants of the Dongfeng Motor Corporation and civil use. The pipelines will be installed along the “Jingneng Thermal Power-West of Fengshen Avenue-Xingye Road” route.


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