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MCC Baosteel Technology Undertakes Zhanjiang Iron & Steel’s Raw Material Intellectualization Renovation Project
CopyFrom: Date:06 February 2018
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  On February 2nd, MCC Baosteel Technology’s Fourth Branch Company substantially undertook the Raw Material Intellectualization Phase II Project of the Zhanjiang Iron & Steel Iron Mill’s Technology Renovation Project.

  By introducing intelligent technology deeply integrated with the stockyard’s production process and optimizing its production management methods, this project will significantly improve the stockyard’s production efficiency, reduce the number of fixed staff members, decrease the equipment malfunction ratio and stabilize production.

  The raw material intellectual renovation integrates materials, storage areas, equipment and production operations, removes all blind spots in stockyard production management and comprehensively realizes precise coverage. Information about the flow directions, positions and storage of materials is in full view at all times, as well as the state of the equipment. The inventory trends and work plan influences can be scientifically grasped at any time. The implementation of stockyard intellectualization will hugely improve the labor production efficiency of the staff, free people from onerous production operation posts, improve the operation conditions of front line production employees, increase production efficiency and reduce production failure and labor costs. The stockyard intellectual system will also help to improve the equipment management level, reduce sudden failures and guarantee stable and smooth production. It is important to monitor, record, collect and analyze the effective work time of every piece of equipment in the system, make predictions ahead of time, scientifically generate repair and maintenance plans, change passive maintenance to active maintenance, improve the comprehensive reliability of the equipment, reduce sudden failures and enhance the production guarantee ability.

  At present, the stockyard has realized the unmanned work of stacker-reclaimers and material pile management in the A and B-type ore stockyards. Phase II involves the intellectual renovation of the residual equipment in such stockyards as the D-type stock yard, C-type stock yard and blending yard, mainly including the installation and adjustment of the stacker-reclaimer attitude determination system, video surveillance system, material pile inspection system, vibration monitoring system, 3D scanning system and other equipment.


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