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Shanghai Baoye Signs Contract for Shandong Nonferrous Sintering Machine Vertical Cold Kiln Project
CopyFrom: Date:09 February 2018
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  On February 6th, the Shanghai Baoye Group signed a contract with Shandong Lingang Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. for the Sintering Machine Vertical Cold Kiln General Contracting Project, marking that the company has made new breakthroughs in vertical cold kiln technology.

  Shanghai Baoye and BERIS won the owner’s good graces with their technical accumulation and proprietary technologies in vertical cold kilns, and were highly praised by the owner for their detailed and unique process programs. This is the largest vertical cold kiln project among laterite-nickel ore sintering machines in China. Adopting such advanced technical schemes as vertical cold kiln direct feeding, multi-point distribution and multi-point discharge and circulation of cooling air, and relying on such patented technologies researched and developed by BERIS as the air distributor in the kiln, it can create annual economic benefits of over RMB 40 million for the owner and has remarkable demonstration effects in energy conservation, emissions reduction and green production in the industry.

  Sintering vertical cold kiln technology is a patented technology which was mainly researched, developed and popularized by BERIS. Largely thanks to the professional team’s system R&D and comprehensive research in recent years, a new generation of mathematical models of vertical cold kilns has been scientifically established, the technical parameters optimized and the integrity of the system and reliability of the technology ensured. The further application of this technology shows that BERIS has taken a great step forward in mastering the core technology at the leading domestic level and created a new growth point for the company's transformation and development, generating huge market potential and remarkable economic and social benefits.


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