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Shanghai Baoye Wins Bidding for Shandong Tiexiong Xinsha Energy’s Coke Yard Technical Improvement Project
CopyFrom: Date:08 February 2018
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  On February 7th, the Shanghai Baoye Group won the bidding for Shandong Tiexiong Xinsha Energy Co., Ltd.’s Coke Yard Wind and Dust Suppression, Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Intermediate Enclosed Coal Yard Transformation Technical Improvement Project, marking a splendid achievement for the company in the metallurgical raw material greenhouse performance sector.

  Located in Tianqiao Town of Juye County, Heze City, Shandong Province, this project has a building scale of about 103,070 m2. The intermediate coal shed is composed of plate-like spaced trusses and a spherical grid. The plate-like spaced trusses have an area of about 51,800 m2 and a clearance height of 15 m, with material piles as high as 9 m; the spherical grid has an area of about 50,190 m2 with spacing of about 143.4 m, a length of about 350 m, a height of about 50 m and material piles as high as 10.5 m. The construction contents include the grid structure and installation of parts, as well as water, electricity, ventilation, firefighting facilities and so on. The contractual construction period is 180 calendar days.


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