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MCC20 Wins Bidding for Shanxi University Stadium Project
CopyFrom: Date:29 January 2018
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  On January 24th, the MCC20 Group won the bidding for the Shanxi University Stadium Construction General Contracting Project.

  Located on the east side of the road in the south of Heituo Village, west of Laofeng Village, east of Nanpingtou Village and north of Gangtou Village and Dongfeng Village in Xiaodian District of Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, this project lies adjacent to the east extension line of Xuefu Street in the north and South Middle Ring Road in the south. It has a total building area of 16,210.59 m2, a single span of 82.2 m, two floors aboveground to a height of 23 m and a reinforced concrete frame structure with a pile cap base type. The total construction period is 500 calendar days.

  The Shanxi University Dongshan Campus Construction Project is a key project of Shanxi Province, of which the Shanxi University Stadium Project is an important auxiliary facility. At present, MCC20 is positively organizing a project management team. All the work is progressing smoothly following the winning bid. MCC20 will take this project as an opportunity to enhance its project management, build an excellent project, create a more trustworthy enterprise image and firmly establish the responsible concept of ‘Choose MCC20, Choose Assurance’.


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