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MCCCE Wins Bidding for Chongqing Expressway Vertical Road Project
CopyFrom:MCC Date:29 January 2018
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  On January 23rd, the MCCCE Group won the bidding for the Chongqing Expressway Vertical Road Project.

  Located in Hangu Town of Chongqing City, this project consists of the High-Tech District Expansion Zone Project (Luojiayuan Interchange), Gaoteng Avenue Phase II Road Project and High-Tech District Expansion Zone Sengu Road Project. The Gaoteng Avenue Interchange Section of the High-Tech District Expansion Zone Project (Luojiayuan Interchange) is about 840 m in length, the Xinwu Avenue Interchange Section is 1,349 m in length and the ramp is 1,497 m in length; the Gaoteng Avenue Phase II road is about 620 m in length and 44 m in width; the remaining section K1+740-K2+014.896 of the High-Tech District Expansion Zone Sengu Road Project is about 276.984 m in length. The construction contents include earthwork, bridges, roads, pipe networks, lighting, transportation, greening, road surfacing, pedestrian cross-street system optimization, water supply and drainage on both sides of the roads, communication, electricity, gas, landscaping and so on. The planned construction period is 540 calendar days.


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