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MCC22 Signs Contract with Indonesia Dexin Steel & Iron Co., Ltd. for Steel and Iron Project
CopyFrom:MCC Date:31 January 2018
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  On January 27th, the MCC22 Group signed a contract with Indonesia Dexin Steel & Iron Co., Ltd. for the 3.5 Million t/a Steel and Iron Project.

  Located in Qingshan Industrial Park of Sulawesi Province, Indonesia, this project involves steel making, continuous casting, rod and wire, and other bid sections, including a 2×120-ton converter and 1.5 million t/a rod and wire works. The successful signing of this contract is another significant market development achievement in the layout of key overseas regions in line with the state industrial transfer policy, by which MCC22 will accumulate experience in expanding its metallurgical business abroad and enrich its types of foreign contracted projects, laying a solid foundation for the further development of overseas markets. The project will also effectively promote the rapid development of the metallurgical industry in Indonesia and the quality upgrading of related industrial chains, which will not only reduce cost consumption but also achieve complementary advantages, mutual benefits and win-win results, playing a significant role in Indonesia’s economic development and social progress. In addition, with the promotion of the ‘Belt and Road’ strategy, Indonesia has become an important country on the New Silk Road. In-depth cooperation and joint promotion between China and Indonesia is ushering in new opportunities for the economic and trade development of the two countries.


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