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MCC20 Wins Bidding for Zhejiang Apartment Resettlement Housing EPC General Contracting Project
CopyFrom:MCC Date:31 January 2018
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  On January 29th, the MCC20 Group won the bidding for the Zhejiang Jinhua Yujiangchenfu & Panlong Apartment Resettlement Housing EPC General Contracting Project. Covering an overall floorage of about 341,516 m2, it will adopt fabricated building technology with a single building assembly ratio no lower than 20%. It is located in the Development District of Jinhua City. The construction period is 790 calendar days.

  After winning this project, MCC20 has now accumulatively won the bidding for about 900,000 m2 of fabricated settlement housing projects in Jinhua City, laying a solid foundation for deepening its cultivation of infrastructure construction projects in Jinhua in the next step.


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