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MCC CIE Signs Contracts for Shanxi Jianlong Waste Heat Power Generation General Contracting Projects
CopyFrom: Date:30 January 2018
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  On January 25th, MCC CIE and Shanxi Jianlong Industrial Co., Ltd. signed contracts for the 9 MW and 12 MW Waste Heat Power Generation EPC General Contracting projects.

  Notably, the 9 MW Waste Heat Power Generation Project is planned to use the waste heat of high-temperature waste gas from the front of the circular coolers to produce high-pressure and low-pressure superheated steam, which will all be used for power generation. The 12 MW Waste Heat Power Generation Project is planned to use the high-pressure and low-pressure superheated steam produced by the waste heat of the high-temperature waste gas from the front of the 198 m2 and 265 m2 sinter-circle-cooling machines, and produce high-temperature saturated steam with the high-temperature waste gas from the end of the big flues of the 265 m2 sintering machines, send it to the high-parameter super heaters of the 265 m2 sinter-circle-cooling machine heat recovery boilers for heating, and generate qualified high-parameter superheated steam. Upon completion, all high-pressure and low-pressure superheated steam will be used for power generation.

  The signing of these two projects further expands the application of MCC CIE’s waste heat power technology in the northern market. The projects adopt unique fan air distribution technology which reduces auxiliary power supply by more than 4% compared with the traditional air return system, and brings remarkable economic and environmental benefits.


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