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MCC Baosteel Technology Signs Contract for Baosteel Chemical Pitch Coke System Renovation Project
CopyFrom: Date:30 January 2018
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  On January 25th, MCC Baosteel Technology’s Second Branch Company signed a contract for the Baosteel Chemical Company’s Chemically Produced Pitch Coke SW (Including Oil Wastewater) System Renovation Project.

  Shanghai Baosteel Chemical first introduced pitch coke production devices from foreign countries upon its establishment in 1985. With over 30 years of accumulation and development, the company has independently developed the production processes of coal-based needle coke and homogeneous coke, combined its material and technology advantages, focused on coal-based pitch products and formed 3 series and 10 brands of carbon products and value-added chemical products with high technical contents. Due to the age of the pitch coke devices, the SW system pipelines are affected with serious corrosion and can no longer meet the new environmental protection requirements. To satisfy all relevant environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction requirements, and guarantee ‘dry ditches and pits’ among the peripheral terraces and pits, according to the owner’s needs, it is necessary to replace and renovate the pipelines. The pitch coke pretreatment SC (steam condensate) enters the SW system (including oil wastewater), causing high loads in the SW system. Clean SC will be led into the coke pits via system renovation, as well as the coke water. Storage tracing pipes and pipeline tubular holders for SC will be respectively introduced in two sections, and sent to the coke pits via pumps after entering fluid tanks, upon which the terraces and pits will meet all the environmental protection requirements.

  The renovation contents mainly include reconstructing the pipelines inside the needle coke devices, which are carbon steel pipes with specifications of DN 50 – 80 mm and a total length of over 1,500 m. The project also includes excavating pits, adding submerged pumps and machines, installing operation boxes and laying corresponding pipes and lines. The renovation period is 45 days.


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