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MCC2 Wins Bidding for 1 Million ton Ferroalloy Product Phase I Project in Fengzhen
CopyFrom: Date:18 July 2017
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  On July 17th, MCC2 won the bidding for 1 Million ton Ferroalloy Product Phase I Project in Fengzhen.

  Located in the Fluorination Industrial Park of Fengzhen City, Ulanqab City, Inner Mongolia, this project covers a building area of 39,998.73 m2. Its construction contents include such civil engineering as an office building, complex building, dining hall and so on. It is an important factory relocation project of Jinli Ferroalloy Co., Ltd. The factory will be moved from Jilin City in Jilin Province to Fengzhen City in Ulanqab City. The company’s 80,000 t/y Large-scale Carbon Product Production Base Project will commence later with an estimated investment of RMB 700 million.

  Upon completion, this project will provide a strong guarantee for Jilin Ferroalloy to achieve its long-term planning and development goals, expand its production scale and upgrade its technology.



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