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MCC17 Delivers MaAnshan Putang Holiday Resort Tourist Service Center Project
CopyFrom: Date:14 July 2017
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  On the morning of July 11th, the MCC17 Group completed and delivered the Tourist Service Center of the MaAnshan Putang Holiday Resort Supporting Infrastructure PPP Project. This first sub-project of the overarching resort project has officially been put into operation.

  The Putang Holiday Resort Supporting Infrastructure PPP Project is located in the east of Putang Town, MaAnshan City, Anhui Province. Its construction contents include road engineering, safe drinking water engineering, sewage treatment (station) works, sewage pipe network engineering, water system regulation work, etc. The Tourist Service Center is a window for entering Putang National Holiday Park. Adopting a framework structure form, the whole building has an area of 704.06 m2 and 1 floor to a height of 6.8 m. Adopting a new Chinese architectural style, the Tourist Service Center integrates the grey and white artistic style of Chinese wash paintings with Hui architecture. The style in the regions south of the Yangtze River is embodied by the building types with carved beams, painted rafters, grey tiles and white walls.



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