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CTMCC Wins Bidding for Dingdian-Anyang Industrial Park Gas Pipeline Project
CopyFrom: Date:13 July 2017
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  On July 11th, the CTMCC Group won the bidding for Shanxi Guoxin Sinoshine Co., Ltd.’s Dingdian-Anyang Industrial Park Urban Gas Pipeline Project Anyang Gas Distribution Station and Anyang Industry Park Gas Pipeline General Contracting Construction Project.

  Located in Yancheng County of Jincheng City, Shanxi Province, this project mainly includes a natural gas pipeline (with a designed pressure of 0.8 MPa and a line length of 5,156 m) and Anyang Gas Distribution Station (including a duty room, parking lot, process unit area, service area, unloading area, inbound and outbound pipeline connections, etc.) in Anyang Industrial Park. This is another long transmission pipeline project for CTMCC following Datang International’s Kesigten Banner Coal Gasification Gas Transmission Line Project in Inner Mongolia and Bashikeying Metering Station Project. Winning the bidding for this project helps CTMCC to further maintain its pressurized pipeline qualification and lays a foundation for contracting similar projects in the future.



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