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MCCE’s ‘Beautiful Village’ Project Phase I Project in Tibet Receives Acceptance
CopyFrom: Date:13 July 2017
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  On July 7th, the Mucai Village ‘Beautiful Village’ Phase I Project in Luoma Town of Nagqu County, Tibet, which was designed by MCCE, received its completion acceptance.

  A cooperation project between MCCE and the Nagqu County People’s Government in Nagqu, Tibet, this ‘beautiful village’ construction design project includes a convenient service center building, cultural square, public lavatory, road greening, street lamps, drainage ditches and so on. Its building area is about 15,000 m2.

  This project is located in Luoma Town of Nagqu County. Mucai Village lies about 25 km from the County, and currently has poor infrastructure conditions. The project was undertaken to improve the living conditions of the villagers, complete the basic public service system, solve practical problems, construct a good homeland and build a beautiful and harmonious village together.


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