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China ENFI’s Suoruimi Copper, Lead and Zinc Polymetallic Ore Project Passes Completion Acceptance
CopyFrom:MCC Date:06 July 2017
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  On June 30th (local time), the Copper, Lead and Zinc Polymetallic Ore Development Project, designed by China ENFI for Congo-Brazzaville Ponte Noire Suoruimi Co., Ltd., passed its completion acceptance.

  The China National Gold Group Corporation organized Congo-Brazzaville Ponte Noire Suoruimi Co., Ltd.’s relevant departments and experts to form a completion acceptance committee, make field visits and carefully check the project’s document files. After carefully listening to reports from the relevant construction parties and holding a thorough discussion, it was decided that the project had smoothly passed its completion acceptance.

  This project is located at the southernmost point of the Republic of Congo, about 230 km from the west capital and about 300 km from Ponte Noire, the port city in the east. It includes two diggings at Brocade Lake and Accord Kubanze. The processed raw materials mostly consist of complex ores of polymetallic copper, lead and zinc. It uses advanced open cut mining, crushing, ore grinding, acid leaching, CCD, extraction and electrodeposition technology. China ENFI’s design scope included beneficiation, smelting and tailings technology, as well as certain auxiliary production facilities. Ponte Noire Suoruimi Co., Ltd.’s board members and participants praised the project highly at the completion and acceptance meeting, and congratulated Congo-Brazzaville on its first mining and beneficiation-metallurgy nonferrous metal mine project, and the China National Gold Group Corporation on its first overseas project. All the participants agreed that the mining and beneficiation-metallurgy major subject technology process is advanced, the equipment selection appropriate, the pilot production smooth and the investment economical. After the test run, it was certified that the relevant indexes including the recovery rate of the project’s design reached or approached the designed level, and the designed rotation is stable.

  At the meeting, China National Gold Group Corporation Vice-General Manager and Ponte Noire Suoruimi Co., Ltd. President Sun Lianzhong gave high praise to the project’s construction and thanked all the participating parties for their hard work. He also gave high praise to China ENFI’s design team for their hard work in the design plan optimization and field construction services, and thanked China ENFI for its positive cooperation in the project’s promotion process.

  Suoruimi is Congo-Brazzaville’s first ore project and largest mining and beneficiation-metallurgy project. As a successful practice of the China National Gold Group Corporation in responding to the national ‘Belt and Road’ strategy, this project is an important achievement of China ENFI in safeguarding the ‘going global’ of China’s ore enterprises, which is led by technology and guaranteed by services.


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