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MCCE Officially Puts 88 m Sky Wheel Project into Operation
CopyFrom: Date:06 July 2017
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  On July 6th, MCCE officially put the 88 m Sky Wheel Project into operation.

  Located in the ‘Color Planet, Happy World’ theme park in Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province, the Sky Wheel stands at the highest point of the whole park with its seat cabins rising to an altitude of about 145m.

  The Sky Wheel is composed of pillar stands, runners, seat cabins, driving system, electrics and other components. The runners have a truss support arm wire rope structure, and are driven by a hydraulic friction wheel. The driving system drives the runners to rotate, providing passengers with high altitude sightseeing. The seat cabins are equipped with air-conditioning, stereos and air-to-surface intercom equipment. The Sky Wheel has 54 seat cabins capable of holding 6 people each, for a total capacity of 324 people at the same time. The running time is 15.5 min/cycle. The runners of the Sky Wheel use hydraulic friction wheel drive, and are each fitted with a master drive system and emergency rescue system. The water-cooling method is used to cool the hydraulic system. The pointolite effect lights of the Sky Wheel include 7 colors. The designed pointolite lights have independent codes to ensure that the other lights will not be affected if some lights fail to work. The waterproof LED pointolite color lights are installed on the 6 truss support arms of the runners and both sides of the runner rims. White-light strobe lamps are installed in every cabin lift. All the lamps, controllers, routers and control switches are waterproof.

  As the Sky Wheel on the hill of Jiuziling slowly raises the cabins into the sky, the garden show park with its glittering lake comes into view. Taking a broad look around, you can appreciate the Convention Center, Liudong New Area Innovation Park and the CBD buildings in the City Center. During the daytime, it will present people with a spectacular and elegant sensory effect, and create a beautiful new landmark in the whole of Liudong New Area in the nighttime with the ever-changing flow of its colorful lights.


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