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MCC Puts First Intelligent Precast Beam Yard in Guizhou Province into Use
CopyFrom:MCC Date:06 July 2017
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  On July 1st, 2017, constructed by the MCCCE Transportation Company and MCCCE, the first fully enclosed intelligent precast beam yard in Guizhou Province was put into use in the Zunyi-Suiyang Expressway Extension Line Project, producing its first 40 m T-beam.

  Guizhou is a typical inland mountainous area province; mountains and hills cover 92.5% of its 176,200 km2 land area. These special geographical conditions hinder its overall transportation development. Statistically, the average bridge and tunnel ratio of expressways in Guizhou exceeds 45%, making it one of the provinces, cities and autonomous regions with the highest bridge and tunnel ratios in our country. As such, during the process of expressway construction in Guizhou Province, T-beams have been used more widely. The construction of this precast beam yard has also become an important factor affecting the quality and progress of the expressway network.

  To build a standard and intelligent precast beam yard in Guizhou Province, and satisfy the requirements of ‘factorization, intensification and professionalization’, this fully enclosed intelligent precast beam yard used full coverage construction with color steel tents. Meanwhile, different from an ordinary precast beam yard, the intelligence of this yard is represented by its 3 rebar processing and molding beds, 4 automatic hydraulic stainless template systems and 4 steam curing systems. Furthermore, all the water, electricity and steam pipes in the yard are pre-buried, solving the mixed line problem encountered by conventional precast beam yards.

  To better construct Guizhou Province’s first fully enclosed intelligent precast beam yard, the Project Department made field visits to template factories, held many precast beam yard construction seminars and fully controlled the project’s construction progress, safety and quality. Meanwhile, they consistently adhered to high standards and strict requirements in the equipment configuration, material processing and civilized construction of the yard, and reasonably solved the intersecting construction problems of three items; namely, field waste transportation, color steel tent installation and precast beam yard construction.

  The completion and production of this intelligent precast beam yard improves not only the manufacturing precision and product quality of T-beams, but also the construction efficiency of the whole project, giving it an important significance for accelerating construction progress. This intelligent precast beam yard also provides referable experience for the quality improvement and upgrading of precast beam yard construction in the transportation project field of Guizhou Province.


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