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MCC SKET Signs Design Contract with Anshan Minmetals for Chentaigou Iron Mine Mining and Dressing Project
CopyFrom: Date:05 July 2017
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  On July 1st, MCC SKET’s Qinhuangdao Engineering Design and Research Institute[A1]  signed a design contract with Anshan Minmetals for the Chentaigou Iron Mine Mining and Dressing Project.

  Located in Anshan City of Liaoning Province, Chentaigou Iron Mine processes a super-large-scale iron deposit with reserves of 1.274 billion tons. With the mean grade of ore possessing 34.40% of total iron and 27.27% of magnetic iron, it is a typical ‘Anshan-style’ sedimentary metamorphic-type iron deposit. In terms of construction scale, Chentaigou Iron Mine possesses an annual designed iron ore output of 11 million tons in mining and dressing, making it one of China’s super-large-scale black underground deep-shaft mines. The smooth signing of this contract is a great affirmation of the technical strength of MCC SKET’s Qinhuangdao Company. The Company will select and use advanced and reliable mining and dressing technologies to construct an advanced, efficient, digitized, intelligent and green zero-waste mine.



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