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CTMCC Signs Contract for Luanda Airport Terminal Decoration Project in Angola
CopyFrom:MCC Date:04 July 2017
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  On July 3rd, the CTMCC Group signed a contract for the Luanda New International Airport Terminal Refined Decoration Project in Angola.

  Luanda New International Airport is located in Icolo e Bengo City, Luanda Province, Angola, about 30 km from downtown Luanda City, and invested in by the China Development Bank. Phase I is currently under construction. Consisting of Section III of the indoor decoration engineering of Phase I, this project has a construction period of 488 days. It involves the decoration of the one-floor terminal and one-floor underground area, including the international and domestic arrivals hall (greeting lobby), baggage reclaim hall, international and domestic CIP VIP lounge, offices, equipment rooms, all restrooms and the passageway from the terminal to the underground garage.



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