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MCC2 Wins Bidding for Baotou Tridimensional Transportation Junction and Tourism Highway Project
CopyFrom:MCC Date:04 July 2017
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  On July 3rd, the MCC2 Group won the bidding for the Baotou City Tridimensional Transportation Junction and Comprehensive Tourism Highway PPP Project.

  The construction contents of this project include the investment, construction, operation and maintenance of tourism roads from Natai to Xiashihao (including the newly built Natai-Xiashihao Section, the newly built Delingbei-Huaishuo connecting line, the Xiaomalianhao-Erxianggong connecting line of old road pavement repairs along the whole route), the operation and maintenance of tourism roads from Qiandian to Zhijitan, and from Wulancilao to Chengwan, and a comprehensive tridimensional transportation junction and passenger station with auxiliary facilities (parking lot).

  Upon completion, this project will promote the construction development of transportation junctions and tourism roads in Baotou City, drive the rapid formation of the comprehensive transportation junction and tourism road network layout, accelerate the upgrading of Baotou’s transportation industry and play a great facilitation role.



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