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Shanghai Baoye Wins Bidding for Xinpu Olefins Comprehensive Utilization Steel Structure Project
CopyFrom: Date:22 May 2017
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  On May 20th, the Shanghai Baoye Group won the bidding for the cracking furnace structure, furnace shell, smoke system and furnace tube steel structure fabrication of Xinpu Olefins (Taixing) Co., Ltd.’s 1.1 million t/y Light Hydrocarbon Comprehensive Utilization Project.

  Located in the Taixing Economic Development Zone of Jiangsu Province, this project has a total investment amount of RMB 3.40873 billion and a total land area of 27.2 hectares. It utilizes domestic and foreign light hydrocarbon resources and advanced, mature and reliable ethylene technology to produce polymer-grade ethylene and propylene products. Upon completion, it will produce 650,000 t/y of polymer-grade ethylene and 122,000 t/y of polymer-grade propylene, as well as hydrogen, methane, Mixed C4, pyrolysis gasoline and fuel oil by-products.


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