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MCC20 Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Luxing Real Estate Company
CopyFrom: Date:22 May 2017
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  On May 19th, the MCC20 Group signed a engineering construction general contract strategic cooperation agreement with Jining Luxing Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. in Shandong Province.

  According to the agreement, both parties will carry out strategic cooperation based on the principles of sincere cooperation, understanding and trust, combine their respective resource advantages in different areas and cooperate on the development and construction of civil engineering projects and other preferred projects, thereby achieving mutual development. It is expected that the first negotiation and cooperation project will be the Jining Municipal Government Livelihood Project (shantytown transformation). It is due to be officially implemented at the end of June or early July.

  Established in 1981, Luxing Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. is an institution directly under the Jining City Housing Construction Bureau. It is a real estate development company which integrates real estate development, architectural design, construction, project supervision and property management, generating profits and tax both in excess of RMB 0.1 billion for many consecutive years. With total assets surpassing RMB 3 billion, it is a real estate development enterprise with great market influence and economic benefits in the southwest region of Shandong.

  The signing of this agreement lays a good foundation for further cooperation between both sides, and opens a positive chapter in the mutual progress of MCC20 and Luxing.


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