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MCC Baosteel Technology Signs Contract for Baosteel Acid Regeneration Unit State Project
CopyFrom: Date:22 May 2017
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  On May 18th, MCC Baosteel Technology’s Second Branch Company signed a contract with the Baosteel Cold Rolling Plant for its Acid Regeneration Unit State Project.

  Strip steel pickling is an essential part of the cold rolling process, and the acid regeneration unit plays an important role in the pickling process of strip steel. Following the introduction and application of the spray roasting process in Baosteel’s Section I unit 2030 for the first time in the 1980s, the process has since been used in Baosteel’s full range, becoming the main domestic acid recycling process. Baosteel’s unit 1420 and unit 1730 were put into operation in 1997 and 2008 respectively. At present, China has the ability to design, manufacture, install and operate such process equipment, and it has become the main direction of the future domestic application of acid regeneration. The main feature of the process is its relatively low energy consumption while its main by-product is iron oxide powder particles, which are used as the main raw material in the current magnetic industry.

  According to the contract, the Second Branch is overhauling three acid regeneration units in the Baosteel Cold Rolling Plant: the unit 2030 machine set C129, unit 1420 machine set C229 and unit 1730 machine set C529. The specific construction contents include the roasting furnace, calcination reactor, burner, double cyclone separator, acid gun, crusher and rotary feeder, absorption tower, scrubber, iron oxide powder station, exhaust fan, dissolving tank, sedimentation tank, filter press, sludge pump and electromagnetic crane, as well as the maintenance of other equipment. Upon completion, the running of the acid regeneration units will be more stable, the quality of the products will be higher and the environmental protection indicators will be better optimized.


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