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MCC5 Completes Luzhou Jiugang Municipal Road Project
CopyFrom: Date:23 May 2017
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  On May 18th, the MCC5 Group’s Luzhou City Jiugang Municipal Road Project was completed and accepted.

  According to the code, the acceptance inspection was conducted by a team organized by the Luzhou Quality Inspection Station, the five major specialized units of operation, design, supervision, geological exploration and construction, and relevant supervision management. The acceptance team inspected major works at the site and analyzed the information according to the actual situation. The representatives of every major specialist unit agreed that the project’s construction conforms to the regulations and laws, its quality and appearance comply with the design requirements, the materials are high quality and the relevant tests and information are complete. After a comprehensive assessment, the project was deemed to be qualified.

  Jiugang Road intersects Longma Avenue at one end and Airport Road at the other. It has a total length of 1.73 km, an urban main road grade, a designed speed of 60 km/h, a red line width of 40 m and 8 two-way lanes. The landscape belts on each side of the standard road have lengths of 10 m and widths of 60 m. The green line of the partial railway underpass has a width of 70 m and 5 intersections. Hulong Railway Underpass has a length of 36 m and asphalt concrete paving. The project’s engineering contents included the underpass, roads, transportation facilities, drainage and electricity.


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