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MCC19 Commences Jurong Economic Development Zone PPP Project
CopyFrom: Date:23 May 2017
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  On May 19th, the MCC19 Group commenced the major structure engineering of the Jiangsu Jurong Economic Development Zone Qunli Enterprise Community PPP Project.

  Located over a land area of 728.5 mu in the West Industrial Park of the Jurong Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, and centered on intelligent equipment manufacturing, this project is a new-type industrial park for the development of industrial property strategy. Its main construction contents include industrial premises of 275,000 m2, office buildings and commercial space of 36,000 m2 (including office areas, dining halls, apartments and commercial areas) and auxiliary property buildings of 4,000 m2, as well as other infrastructure and municipal facilities. The estimated construction period is 18 months. MCC19 is responsible for the construction of a standard factory with an area of about 76,000 m2 in Area 3. The other works will gradually commence according to the operator’s functional area and drawing design situations.

  Established in 1992 and approved as a Provincial Economic Development Zone of Jiangsu in 1993, the Jurong Economic Development Zone covers an administrative division area of 134.26 km2 and consists of 19 subordinate villages (communities). After 20 years of development, it has become a primary carrier of investment attraction and project construction in Jurong City, an ecological development zone taking the lead in the export-oriented economy, a guiding factor of high-tech development and a principal part of the industrial economy and the coordinated development of secondary and tertiary industries.


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