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MCC ACRE Officially Expands into Biomass New Energy Field
CopyFrom: Date:23 May 2017
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  On May 22nd, MCC ACRE signed a project design contract with Chifeng Yuanyi Biomass Technology Co., Ltd. for the Zhangjiakou Yuanhui Biomass Technology Co., Ltd. Agriculture Renewable Energy Source Cyclic Utilization Demonstration Project, officially setting foot in the biomass new energy field.

  Differing from traditional biogas technology, biomass natural gas technology uses advanced techniques to achieve the goal of constant feeding and discharge during the fermentation process, thereby attaining the increase and expansion of marsh gas projects. Biomass natural gas can be purified from marsh gas through such techniques as decarburization, desulphurization and dehydration, and it completely conforms to the national gas standard for civil and automobile use.

  Founded in 2012, Chifeng Yuanyi Biomass Technology Co., Ltd. regards ecological conversion as its technical core, takes professional division, standard management, scale production and marketable operation as its operation model, and concentrates on biomass natural gas projects. ‘Fermentation gas of mixed maize straw and fecal residue’ developed by the Yuanyi Company takes a clear lead domestically. At present, the Yuanyi Company is successfully operating China’s only biomass natural gas test project in the Ar Horqin Banner of Chifeng City, which is successfully producing qualified biomass natural gas products.

  Now that MCC ACRE has entered the biomass new energy field, it will undertake the design of demonstration projects, open doors to such fields as energy structure adjustment at home and abroad, new energy development and so on, open windows in fields including ‘Three rural’ issue solutions, beautiful village construction and new-type urbanization construction, and pave a new way for transformation.


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