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MCC17 Hoists First Turbine of China Resources Dongshan Wind Power Plant Proje
CopyFrom:MCC Date:25 May 2017
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  On May 22nd, the MCC17 Group completed hoisting the first turbine in the China Resources Mingguang Dongshan Wind Power Plant Project.

  China Resources Group’s first wind power project in Anhui Province, this project in intended to create a green, travelling and environmentally friendly wind power plant. It has an installed capacity of 49.8 MW and is composed of 24 united power UP2000-115-S low-temperature wind power generators with an individual capacity of 2,000 kW and one with a capacity of 1,800 kW. The towers have a height of 100 m, the impellers have a diameter of 115 m and the cabins weigh about 85 tons.


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