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MCC22 Wins Bidding for University of Groningen Library Reconstruction Project
CopyFrom:MCC Date:25 May 2017
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  On May 23rd, the MCC22 Group’s Metal Structure Company won the bidding for the University of Groningen Library Reconstruction Project.

  Located in the High-tech District of Yantai City, Shandong Province, close to Binhai Avenue in the north and Yawei Expressway in the south, this project covers a total area of 29,867 m2. The Yantai University of Groningen, the fruit of cooperation between the University of Groningen and China Agricultural University, is a high-level international university which takes the lead in innovation, research and application. Upon completion, it will be the only Sino-foreign cooperative university in northern China and a symbol of the history of cooperation and friendship between the Netherlands and China. MCC22 will undertake manufacturing and installation of steel trusses, steel supports, beams, curtain wall skeleton and so on.



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