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Luxembourg Guests Visit World Expo Venue
CopyFrom:MCC Date:25 February 2010
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By: Li Qidong

An official delegation of Luxembourg paid an inspection visit to Luxembourg Pavilion, which was contracted by Shanghai Baoye Construction Corp., Ltd. (SBC-MCC) for World Expo Shanghai, on February 5, 2010. The delegation members consisted of heads of Ministry of public works, Consul-General of Luxembourg to Shanghai, Curator of Luxembourg Pavilion and the Chief Designer. The project staff of SBC-MCC showed the guests around the works, and briefed the current project implementation progress and the follow-up plan, as well as the new technical processes employed for this facility. The Luxembourg guests gave full recognition on the civilized project execution, the implementation progress and engineering quality. Seeing that the internal and external decoration works were being undertaken in perfect compliance with the design requirements, the officials place a high premium on the management and technical expertise of SBC-MCC.

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