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ENFI’s Sylvite Project in Laos Starts Production
CopyFrom:MCC Date:20 April 2010
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By: Wang Jing

The Sylvite Project in Laos, which was contracted by China ENFI Engineering Corp. (ENFI) on EPC basis, was put into production recently, with an annual output capacity of 100, 000 tons. As of April 2, 2010, about 45,000 tons of sylvite concentrate had been produced, marking a new milestone of the project implementation.
This works is not only the very first sylvite resource exploitation project contracted by Chinese enterprise in overseas region, but also the first time for Chinese enterprise to undertake exploration and processing project for such kind of sylvine. The EPC contract was awarded in March 2008, and the works was physically commenced on site in January 2009. After a construction period of over one year, the facility was put into trial run in February 2010. Thanks to the painstaking efforts and improvement made by the Project Division during the past nearly two months, the facility was formally put into commissioning on March 29, 2010. And now the first barrel of sylvite concentrate has been successfully manufactured by the concentrating mill.
Along with the continuous production of sylvite concentrate, the Project Division in Laos is coordinating with the employer for optimization of technical process indicators, and trying new ways to accelerate the construction of sinking and driving engineering, with a target to fully complete and hand over the facility as soon as possible.

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