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BRIME Exports Its First Entertainment Facilities to the Middle East
CopyFrom:MCC Date:24 February 2010
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By: Chen Xinliang

Hebei MCC Metallurgic Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Beijing Central Research & Design Institute for Metallurgical Equipment (BRIME), signed a supply contract with Nalia Company of Iraq for one 4-Inversion Roller Coaster and one Medium 3-Inversion Roller Coaster. This is the very first batch of entertainment machines exported to the Middle East, following the success in Southeast Asia and Southern Asia.
In vies of the structural adjustment of domestic steel market, BRIME has started to lay emphasis on development of non-steel market. In recent years, BRIME has taken painstaking efforts on development of technologies and markets of entertainment machines, and up to now has occupied the leading position on domestic market. In particular, the 3-Inversion and 4-Inversion roller coasters have achieved high market shares. For all the major entertainment parks constructed in recent years in China, the most roller coasters are supplied by BRIME. Meanwhile the products of BRIME have successfully stepped onto the international markets in Eastern Asia and Southern Asia.
As the State Government encourages to boom up market for domestic demands, the construction of large-sized entertainment parks has turned out to be a one of the most attractive investment sectors, offering a promising prospect for BRIME’s exploration on market of entertainment devices. In addition to make consolidation on technical foundation for roller coasters, BRIME now is concentrating its technical strength on development of 80-m ferris wheel, with a target to undertake further expansion on new entertainment park market. Through years of endeavors, BRIME will strive to establish itself into a flagship corporate for entertainment facilities in China.

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