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Infrastructure Works Started by CMCCLTD in Sichuan Province
CopyFrom:MCC Date:27 January 2010
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By: Lan Jianguo

The infrastructure works in the southern new area of Pengzhou City in Sichuan Province was formally commenced by China Metallurgical Construction Co., Ltd. (CMCCLTD) on January 15, 2010. Under the initial period, construction works of six highways were started simultaneously.
Attendees at the commencement ceremony included: Men Sheng, Assistant Mayor of Chengdu Municipal Government & Secretary of CPC Pengzhou Municipal Committee; Chairman Yao Jinchuan, General Manager Tian Guixiang, Vice General Manager Liu Congxue of CMCCLTD; Vice Secretary Tan Xuejun of CPC Pengzhou Municipal Committee; and Executive Vice Mayor Wang Daoming of Pengzhou Municipal Government.
The infrastructure works consists of 46 urban rapid highways and the corresponding pipelines. After the successful completion of Tanghu Primary School Project in Shuangliu of Chengdu City, CMCCLTD set out to make exploration on the post-disaster reconstruction market in this region. Taking advantage of its outstanding strength in terms of management, capital, technologies and resources, CMCCLTD laid an emphasis on business exploration in relation with the establishment of the southern new area of Pengzhou City. As a result, a Strategic Cooperation Agreement was inked between CMCCLTD and Pengzhou Industrial Investment Development Co., Ltd. on October 15, 2009. And a cooperative intent was entered into on the post-disaster reconstruction project (including the road and pipeline works) in the south of Pengzhou in Sichuan Province in the coming three years.
Secretary Men Sheng delivered a speech at the event. He request all the competent authorities of the local government to undertake cordial collaboration and offer great support to CMCCLTD for the project execution, and create a sound environment for the construction of the southern new area.
Chairman Yao Jinchuan addressed the ceremony. He encouraged the people of CMCCLTD to: (i) give a full play of CMCCLTD’s advantages in terms of capital, management, technologies and resources; (ii) carry out efficient organization for project execution; (iii) secure the perfect quality, smooth implementation progress and cultivated construction performance; (iv) ensure the timely completion of the project; and (v) fully realize the contract target.

The full length of the six highways under construction at the initial period totals 4,185 meters.

Chairman Yao Jinchuan delivers speech at the commencement ceremony

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