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Mining Generators Started in Ramu
CopyFrom:MCC Date:18 January 2010
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President Luo Shu, joined by Vice general manager Yangyung of Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) Limited (Ramu), paid a visit to the mining site of Ramu project to unveil the ceremony for kick-start of the new generators built in the power plant of mining area on Dec.12, 2009. Attendees also at the ceremony were Hu Zhiliang, Project General Manager of ENFI in Ramu, Zeng Ge, chief representative of CISDI based in Ramu.
The generating ceremony started at 3:00pm. Luo was debriefed on the construction and equipment installation of power plant, before pressing the first generator button together with Deng Hengbo, General Manager of the Mining Dept. The first set was officially launched, generating electricity for the entire mining site. Luo extended congratulations to each and every participant of the Ramu project. Nearly 100 representatives from the designers, constructors, supervisors and mining sector witnessed the exciting moment.
The power plant is the energy source for the whole mining operations. The equipment assembly started since June 2009. The mining department closely cooperated with construction units and foreign equipment manufacturers in the assembly. They have overcome enormous obstacles and finally completed the power plant. The success of the power generation indicated that the trial production of the mining operations of the Ramu Project will be launched in full swing, marking another milestone of the Ramu project.

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