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20MCC Commences Affordable Housing Project in Wuhu
CopyFrom:MCC Date:18 January 2010
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A red-carpet ceremony was held on Dec. 28 to celebrate the foundation laying of the Affordable Housing Project in Jinghu District, the largest real estate development by 20MCC in Wuhu, Anhui Province. Hong Jianping, Deputy Mayor of Wuhu, government officials of Jinghu District, General Manager Zhang Mengxing of 20MCC and the senior officers from the surveyors, designers, supervisors and constructors attended the ceremony.
The affordable housing project is the key effort for attracting investment into Wuhu, according to the local officials. The project covers 1152.72 Chinese mu with the total floor area of about 1.7 million square meters. It is expected to construct the relocation houses and auxiliary facilities such as business services, school and kindergarten. 20MCC obtained the right to use the state-owned construction land on Dec.16, 2009. In November, the company formed MCC Real Estate (Wuhu) Company which is fully controlled by 20MCC. The construction period of the project is three years. After completion, the largest development of 20MCC will be bought over by the Jinghu District government of Wuhu.
General Manager Zhang said at the ceremony that the project is the first large-scale real estate investment of 20MCC in Anhui Province; it is also a key project that the company has undertaken as a response to the call of national construction of housing security, fulfilling its social responsibilities as a state-owned enterprise.
Zhang also assured that 20MCC will further strengthen the management staff and assign its excellent construction team to undertake this project. At the same time, it will work closely with the financer, surveyor, designer and supervisor to ensure completion of the project with high quality and efficiency.

Zhang Mengxing talks with Vice Mayor Hong Jianping and Deputy Director Xie Yeqing

Vice Mayor Hong Jianping issues the order of starting the foundation ceremony

Senior officials at the ceremony wield the shovel to lay a foundation for the project's start-up

The ceremonial gathering

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