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400KW Low-voltage Converter Commissioned by CISDI
CopyFrom:MCC Date:02 December 2009
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By: Gan Yongge, Tao Haiyin

The first set of low-voltage converter (400KW/400V) independently developed by MCC Xinrong, a subsidiary of CISDI Engineering Co., Ltd. (CISDI), was smoothly put into commissioning on July 31, 2009. As a supporting component for the 315KW blower of Jiuquan Iron & Steel Group, it was completed after the development, tests and overall preparation during the past over one year. According to the result of nonstop running in the past over 20 days, the converter was proved to be stable and reliable during operation with normal parameters.
In light with the problems exposed in the onsite operation of the converter, MCC Xinrong will make further improvement and optimization on the design and complete the preparation of technical process documents. On this ground, MCC Xinrong will finish the series of designs for 400V and 690V low-voltage frequency transformer, and manufacture industrial preproduction model with representative capacity for various tests and examinations. Moreover MCC Xinrong plans to develop new type of electric-driven products such as inverter and PWM rectifier. By means of intensified marketing efforts, the low-voltage frequency-converted devices will turn out to be the knock-out products as well as a new source of growth in terms of profit of the company.


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