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CISDI and Siemens Renew Strategic Cooperation Agreement
CopyFrom:MCC Date:02 December 2009
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By: Luo Yuanqun, Lin Hong

CISDI Engineering Co., Ltd. (CISDI) and Siemens (China) Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Chongqing on August 20, 2009. This was another milestone following the Strategic Cooperation Agreement signed between both parties in 2005. According to the agreement, CISDI and Siemens (China) would, on the basis of friendly collaboration, make further consolidation on the cooperative partner relationship. Both parties agreed to work closely in the business fields of metallurgical industry such as automatic system, electric-drive devices and market exploration,  and jointly cope with the changes in the market and strive for common prosperity.
The agreement was signed by Chairman Xiao Xuewen of CISDI and Mr. Peter Herweck, Executive Vice President of Siemens (China) Ltd. & President for Industries in Northeast Asia.
The renewal of the strategic agreement enables both parties to progress well in establishment of top-level automatic solutions for metallurgical industry, enhancement of automatic level of the industry, controlling of quality and efficiency, as well as strengthening of international competitiveness. It is also deemed to be of great significance for Chinese enterprises to explore international market, accelerate domestic marketization and participate international competition.


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