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MCCBTS Succeeds in Exploration of Nuclear Power Market
CopyFrom:MCC Date:02 December 2009
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By: Liu Zhengyan

On August 3, 2009, a contract was inked between MCC Baosteel Technology Services Co., Ltd. (MCCBTS) and Dongfang (Guangzhou) Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., for manufacturing of non-standard equipment in relation to water-pressure test for nuclear power generation. This is a newly explored market in the field of nuclear-power manufacturing industry following the contract of the same kind signed with Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd. not a long time ago. On this ground, MCCBTS has established itself into one of the major domestic EPC supplier of non-standard equipment for nuclear power generation.
In recent years, basing upon the client resources and the technical advantages, MCCBTS has successfully completed a series of products with proprietary intellectual property rights for the port-related heavy machinery manufacturing base of Shanghai Electric Group, for instance: (i) the world’s largest 350t non-standard equipment for dynamic balancing test; (ii) the world’s largest non-standard equipment of water-pressure test for 13m-deep foundation ditch specifically utilized for nuclear power generation; (iii) automatic turning-over device for nuclear-power evaporator and pressure vessel; (iv) automatic tube-bundle cleaning device; and (v) China’s largest vertical lathe and upright post with unit weight of over 270 tons. Most of these facilites were independently designed, manufactured and installed by MCCBTS, which have greatly contributed to the brand enhancement of “MCC Heavy Machine”.
Now MCCBTS is taking steps for optimization and upgrading on the specific equipment in relation to nuclear power business. In addition to continuously focus on the markets of Shanghai Electric Group and Dongfang (Guangzhou) Heavy Machinery, MCCBTS has commenced discussion on non-standard equipment projects for nuclear-power manufacturing bases with China First Heavy Industries (CFHI), China National Erzhong Group and Harbin Electric Corporation. As the development and utilization of new energy resources are encouraged by the State Government, MCCBTS will, taking advantage of the valuable opportunities thus generated, strive to explore the nuclear-power market on a wider basis. 


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