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SBC-MCC Obtians DIN18800-7D Certificates
CopyFrom:中国必发88 Date:02 December 2009
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By: Chen Wenjin

A delegation of Buisiness Institute (LGA) of Bavaria State paid a visit to Shanghai Baoye Construction Corp., Ltd. (SBC-MCC) from July 20 to July 21, 2009. The delegation consisted of two engineers, Mr. Wolfgang Poellmann-Heller and Mr. Franz Lorenz. They conducted strict review on the raw materials, production capacity, processing quality, production process and related technical links. In addition, they inspected the relevant certificates for raw steel materials, welding materials, welding fluid, welding equipment and the finished products. After various reviews and tests, SBC-MCC finally won the DIN18800-7 (qualification for steel structure and welding manufacturing enterprises) and the D-grade ISO3834 (quality system for welding enterprises) certificates issued by LGA.


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