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Sri Lanka Officials Inspect Jobsite of CKE Project
CopyFrom:MCC Date:02 December 2009
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By: Li Guoqi

Mr. Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda, Permanent Secretary from Ministry of Highways, conducted an inspection visit to the camp of CKE Project. During the visit, he was accompanied by Vice Permanent Secretary Mr. M.P.K.L. Gunaratne from Ministry of Highways, and Mr. M.P.K.L. Gunaratne, the Chief Officer for CKE Project.
The Permanent Secretary was debriefed by Mr. M.P.K.L. Gunaratne on the information of CKE highway. Afterwards RDA and MCC held a warm discussion on the promotion measures for review and assessment on the design. Both parties exchanged views on the review of the sectional drawing and the bridge design, and eventually entered into an agreement on the acceleration of the design review. Accompanied by Project Manager Fan Jintian for CKE Project, the Permanent Secretary inspected the newly purchased Ashock Leland self-dumping truck, construction site of prefabricated beam and slab, as well as the materials storage warehouse built by 5MCC for project implementation. And Mr. Karannagoda gave full recognition on the implementation progress achieved by MCC.


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