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Main Works of SINO Iron Project Commenced in Australia
CopyFrom:MCC Date:16 August 2009
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By: Zhang Shaofang

As of July 27, 2009, a total concrete volume of 7,638 cubic meters has been casted for the foundation of 1# and 2# ball grinders, marking the formal commencement of the main works of SINO Iron Ore Mine in Cape Preston of Western Australia.
The concrete casting work was started on July 3, 2009. Before the commencement, the Project Management Division of China 20MCC Construction Co., Ltd. (20MCC) had worked out detailed implementation scheme, covering various aspects such as manpower, machinery and safety measures. During the construction, Australian specifications were strictly complied. To guarantee the concrete quality, trial mixing had been carried out for several times before the formal construction, and the mixing proportion had been adjusted on an optimized basis. To avoid the unstable slump constant due to over high temperature of the raw materials, effective cooling measures have been taken for the aggregate storage yard on the site of concrete mixing station.




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