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Dust Collector Commissioned in Handan Steel Works
CopyFrom:MCC Date:16 August 2009
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By: Zhang Ying

A bag-type dust collector for blast furnace gas of 3200m3, which was contracted by Zeyu Company of Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited (CERI) for Handan Iron & Steel Group, was smoothly put into commissioning on July 6, 2009. This facility was a part of the overhaul project for No. 7 blast furnace of Handan Steel Works. At present, the system is running stably, and the dust content of the gas is rated as 2.5mg/Nm3. In terms of the perfect engineering quality and the operational performance of the system, then Employer put a premium on the endeavors taken by CERI.
This works was the first EPC dry dust-abatement project for blast furnace undertaken by Zeyu Company. In this facility, Zeyu Company utilized its latest proprietary technology, new bag-type dust collector for blast furnace gas. As a high-quality project completed for the Employer, the project is taken as not only the first EPC achievement made by Zeyu Company in transformation of its aforesaid patent, but also an important breakthrough in the market competition in dust-abatement for blast furnace gas.




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