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SBC-MCC’s First EPC Contract for World Expo Commenced
CopyFrom:国资委网 Date:16 August 2009
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By: Wang Lin

A review meeting for Preliminary Design of Polish Pavilion Expo 2010 was held on July 21, 2009 in Shanghai. The design proposal was offered by the foreign partner, while the preliminary design and the construction documents design work were undertaken by Shanghai Baoye Construction Corp., Ltd. (SBC-MCC). For the assessment purpose, the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination invited six experts and relevant professional staff from the Expo Technology Office, Expo Planning Department, Municipal Public Fire Department, Municipal Health Inspection Institute and Lightning Protection Center to bring forward their review comments. The project chief and the relevant technical heads of SBC-MCC’s Design Center were also present at the meeting.
The Polish Pavilion covers a land area of 3,199.96 m2 and a floorage area of 3,205 m2. It is located within the Expo Park, surrounded by the pavilions of Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Germany and Belgium. As a temporary building for the Expo, it is expected to be put into utilization in May 2010.







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