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CIE Awarded with Design Contract in Zhuhai
CopyFrom:MCC Date:16 August 2009
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By: Jiang Wei

Changtian International Engineering Corporation of MCC (CIE) recently signed a new engineering design contract with Zhuhai Jiayu Minerals Product Co., Ltd. for its raw materials storage yard. The design scope includes the overall input and output procedure for ore concentrates, as well as the auxiliary facilities such as power supply and distribution, control system, water supply/drainage system and dust abatement device. This is a new cooperative agreement following the EPC contract for the pellet project (1.2 million tons per annum) of Zhuhai Jiayu Minerals Product.
The pellet project was put into commissioning on January 27, 2008. After that a daily output record was created on April 7, 2008, with a volume of 4,852 tons. The successful implementation of the pellet project has consolidated the foundation for further collaboration between both parties on a wider basis in the future.





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