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Zinc Smelting Facility Commissioned in Inner Mogolia
CopyFrom:MCC Date:16 August 2009
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By: Qin Yingying

The Roasting and Sulphuric Acid System for Zinc-Smelting of Xing’an Copper-zinc Smelting Company was put into commissioning recently in Inner Mongolia. This facility was contracted by China ENFI Engineering Corp. (ENFI) on an EPC basis. After heating by the convertor of sulphuric acid system, the overall system has been put into normal operation with the full capacity as designed. The trial run up to now has proved that, both the technology and the equipment have pass through the test and the various indicators were in compliance with the design requirements, marking a successful commissioning of the works.
Under the electrolytic zinc smelting project (100,000 tons per annum) of Xing’an Copper-zinc Smelting Company, ENFI has been awarded with the EPC contract for all the design work and the Roasting & Sulphuric Acid System of the 1st bidding section. The largest roasting furnace within the industry has been employed for this project, covering an area of 109 square meters. The works was commenced in September 2007. Thanks to the great support extended by the Employer and the common efforts made by all the participated companies, it took only 16 months for ENFI to complete this project and put it into operation in such a cold region. The smooth commissioning of the works symbolized that ENFI has accumulated more experiences in zinc smelting project on an EPC basis, and also, ENFI has further enhanced its organization and management expertise in EPC works.




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